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Gluten Free Cheese Scones

Gluten Free Cheese Scones

Just for a treat, or even for breakfast, these cheese scones are simple to make and great to share! My kids loved them too.

I have posted my flour mix below the ingredients checklist too as I get frustrated when I see recipes saying just (GF Flour Mix), as for many, these pre-mixes do not work as well, and in some cases, not easy to get hold of.​

Ingredients Checklist

  • 250g Gluten Free Flour Mix – Read below for my mix!
  • 60g COLD, Cubed, Butter (not margerine, butter really works best here)
  • 120g Cheese
  • 150ml Milk
  • Pinch English Mustard Powder
  • 1.5tsp Baking Powder (GF)
  • 1/3 tsp Xantham Gum
  • Pinch Salt
cheese scones on cooling rack

Gluten Free Flour Mix

For this recipe, I used the following mix of flours.

  • 150g Brown Rice Flour
  • 50g Potato Starch
  • 50g Tapioca Flour​

If you find this is not quite working for you, then try 125g Brown Rice and 75g of Potato Starch as this seems to bind it better when the mix is a little too wet.

Method for the Recipe

Pre heat your over - Gas Mark 6 - Electric 200 C (if you don't have fan assisted, you may need it a little hotter)

Just place the dry ingredients into a good and clean mixing bowl. Better to pour boiling water on a ceramic or stainless steel bowl ahead of time and allow to dry to ensure is clean of anything else.

Gluten Free Yum with Cheese Scones in 30 minutes!

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Add your butter cubes and then rub into the flour. keep your fingers light and do not over mix at this point. You want to get down to nice breadcrumb style before moving on to the next part.

Now add your beaten egg and cheese, then add about 50% of the milk. Using a knife (do not beat in), just mix through the dough and then add more milk as you go. You want a loose consistency mix, but not so wet you cannot pick it up.

At this point, most recipes I have seen tell you to place on flour surface and then roll out lightly. In my experience, the best results here is to very lightly flour your hand if needed then make balls (I got around 8-10 from this recipe) and then place them on a baking tray.

Once all are in place, then press down on them lightly to flatten a little, but not too flat. This just seems to work better than rolling out and they came out nice 🙂

Allow to rest for about 5 minutes, then bake for 15-20 minutes. I also brushed lightly with Milk, but this is down to choice. If you want that nice brown top, then milk them!

Cheese Scones that taste yum
Gluten Free Scones

Your Turn

Give it a try and send us your pics 🙂 We would love to hear your feedback and also similar recipes you have tried for yourself? Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy them. Great on a Sunday Evening.