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Whilst I initially created this site as a way to offload my own angst and depression about my diagnosis, as the time passes by, I have seen the way forward as a community and appreciate the thousands of sites that have been created by like minded people across the web, who have their own story to tell. So this site is for you. Let's share the knowledge, bridge the gap between what is available and what needs to be done, and celebrate our growth. Thanks for reading :)

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A quick note about being Diagnosed with Celiac

Firstly, I apologise for the back and forth between Coeliac and Celiac. The reason is that I am from the UK, and therefore used to the Coeliac Spelling. The common way around the globe appears to be Celiac, so I tend to use that the most in both the naming of the site and in my commentary and content.

Being diagnosed as a Celiac was like a train smash in my world. I guess it was payback for my early years as a chef when hearing that a Celiac was booked in for the evening drove us in the kitchen a little nuts. Our understanding back then (around the beginning of the 90's) was very limited. No excuses, it was my job to understand needs of others, but in my young days of my craft, I had no appreciation for allergies or food related illness as a whole.

Discovering that my father was later diagnosed with MND (another auto-immune) and over time learning about more connections within the Auto-Immune arena, I have begun to dig deeper into the illness we suffer with in general and wonder about the connections that we are yet to learn about and discover.

In the meantime, if you have just been diagnosed yourself, please feel free to reach out to me in person via this site, or to comment on our Facebook page. I know that people in our community are very supportive and helpful and will do what they can to assist you through the early process. 

​My personal goal is to connect the dots around the world and bring various nations together in the way they approach our disease, in order for us to have a common ground to build upon and not have this terribly inefficient system with many missing pieces of a puzzle around us. Thank you once again for joining me on this journey. I appreciate you and your time very much.

Martin Salter

Who is Celiac Guy?

Martin lives in South Africa with his wife Lizel and two younger children. Currently working with the challenges of a country that does not have the food laws or protection in place to support people with Coeliac Disease as other's do.

He started life as a chef many years ago but moved into the web industry as a designer, video guy and consultant in the early 2000's.

A passion for food, a fondness of beer (big problem No.1) and a desire to see through change toward the disease.

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